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BTS Episode 26: First BJJ Tournament and Making a Life Pivot
BTS Episode 25: Critical Importance of the Medical Unit (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 24: Incident Management Principals and Practical Application (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 23: Garage Gyms for Deployment Readiness and Therapy (Wellness)
BTS Episode 22: Key Elements of the Project Charter (Project Management)
BTS Episode 21: All-Hazards Planning Section Chief (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 20: On Student and Instructor Etiquette (Training/Education)
BTS Episode 19: From Intern to Plans Chief and More (Interview)

BTS Episode 18: Taskbooks for Project Managers (Project Management)

BTS Episode 17: TECC by Texas Troopers (Training/Education)
BTS Episode 16: Personnel Accountability and the Resource Unit (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 15: Foundational Four for BJJ White Belts (Foundational Four)
BTS Episode 14: Foundational Four for Creating a Superhero Group (Foundational Four)
BTS Episode 13: PSC and the PMP Two Sides of the Same Coin (General)
BTS Episode 12: 2018 Show Summary (General)

BTS Episode 11: Tips to Succeed on the PMP Exam (Project Management)

BTS Episode 10: Leadership Lessons from Gettysburg (Leadership)
BTS Episode 9: Veteran’s Day 2018 Message (General)
BTS Episode 8: Combined Active Threat/Shooter Training and Response (Training/Education)
BTS Episode 7: Law Enforcement’s Resistance to the ICS w/Mike Snawder (Interview)
BTS Episode 6: Shake and Bake with the O-305 All Hazards Training Course (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 5: Expanding Your Bubble with ICS 300 (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 4: ICS Jiu Jitsu with ICS 200 (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 3: Forming the Framework with ICS 100 (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 2: Building the Base with ICS 700 (ICS/IMT)
BTS Episode 1: Introduction to Kevin Pannell and Between the Slides Podcast


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