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BTS Ep30: From Real Estate to Real Change with Ben Rogers
Great conversation with my former realtor and now friend Ben Rogers. Ben shares his perspectives on the importance of organization, surviving a house fire, and how he’s now coaching others to be their best.
#Coaching #Leadership #BuildtheArmy #HometownRealty #RogersLongTeam #GetAfterIt
BTS Ep29: From Suicidal to Saving others with Ben Gomes

In 2017 Police Officers, Firefighters and/or EMS workers were more likely to commit suicide than to die in the line of duty. In this episode we talk to former 911 Communicator and now Firefighter Ben Gomes about his own battle with PTSD and suicide and how he now works as part of the Virginia First Responder Support Services (VFRSS) network to save others.
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#VFRSS #CodeGreenCampaign #PTSD #Live #SuicidePrevention
BTS Ep28: From Spotsylvania to Situation Unit Leader with Captain Rob Rowley

Hear perspective from a 20+ year fire service veteran, World Police and Fire Games competitor and incident management team (IMT) professional. Rob shares the challenge moving from one fire department to another and the positive personal and professional impact being part of an incident management team (IMT) has made on his life.
#Firefighter #WPFG #IncidentManagement #allhazards #PIO #Spotsylvania
BTS Ep27: A History of the Incident Command System (ICS)

I share how World War II veterans and the visionary work and dedication of fire departments in California created the foundation for the modern day incident command system (ICS) and how early adopters like the U.S. Coast Guard refined ICS and implemented it into their daily response operations.
#NWCG #FIRESCOPE #USCG #IncidentCommand
BTS Episode 26: First BJJ Tournament and Making a Life Pivot
In April 2017 I lost two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) matches in my first BJJ tournament. GOOD (as #JockoWillink says). I learned from my mistakes and realized I was still among a small percent that compete within the small percent that even try BJJ. This episode is me sharing my lessons learned and announcing a break in the show as I moved to Southwest Virginia.
#BJJ #BJJTournament #BJJWhiteBelt #Blacksburg #BJJFitness
BTS Episode 25: Critical Importance of the Medical Unit (ICS/IMT)
In the all-hazards world it’s easy to skimp on the Medial Unit. Don’t. The Medical Unit is the Corpsman of our incident management teams (IMT) and is charged with our teammate’s safety and medical care. Hear my “Between the Slides 5” with more detail on why this is and how you can implement the Medical Unit for your next event.
#MedicalUnit #Corpsman #IMT #allhazards #sickcall
BTS Episode 24: Incident Management Principals and Practical Application (ICS/IMT)
This episode is a podcast version of a one day, eight hour course I designed and then created with public safety and incident management colleagues. This O-305 “light” course provided a one day training to over 100 Public Health, Healthcare and Social Services emergency management professionals in Virginia.
#publichealth #socialservices #allhazards #healthcare #CDC #HHS #IMT #PlanningP
BTS Episode 23: Garage Gyms for Deployment Readiness and Therapy (Wellness)
Fitness is critical in life. Exercise, difficult, regular exercuse, provides mental and physical therapy we all need. In this episode I share the “Between the Slides 5” on what I consider the key elements of any garage gym and how taking on a regular exercise routine each morning helped get me through darkness and make me a better IMT teammate as it improved my deployment readiness.
#fitness #exercise #mentalhealth #PTSD #garagegym #wellness #readiness #IMT
BTS Episode 22: Key Elements of the Project Charter (Project Management)
Project charters set the tone early on in the project lifecycle. In this episode I share key elements I believe are helpful and have successfully applied to help project teams get off on the right foot.
#charter #projectmanagement #PMI #PMO #PMP
BTS Episode 21: All-Hazards Planning Section Chief (ICS/IMT)
This episode provides the “Between the Slides 5” on completing the Planning Section Chief (PSC) course. This is a key class to then become credentialed in the role and a the PSC we become the keepers of the all-hazards planning process. No small thing.
#planningsection #allhazards #planschief #PSC #IMT #FEMA
BTS Episode 20: On Student and Instructor Etiquette (Training/Education)
I’ve been a student. I’ve been an instructor. Each have their ups and downs. In this episode I share my $.02 on what makes good students and instructors and what makes classmates resent you and your students despise you.
#etiquette #student #instructor #learning #StayClassy
BTS Episode 19: From Intern to Plans Chief and More (Interview)
In this episode I talk to my friend, former IMT teammate and Police Officer Trevor. Trevor came up on our IMT as an intern, grinded and became a credentialed Plans Chief is is now a sworn Officer. We have a chat about all of that and a few more things.
#intern #PlansChief #Police #LEO #humbleness

BTS Episode 18: Taskbooks for Project Managers (Project Management)
To be credentialed as a Type 3 Planning Section Chief I had to complete a series of skills on incidents and events. This checklist is included in what’s called a “taskbook”. I think taskbooks have application in the project management profession and in this episode I share how we could do it.
#projectmanagement #taskbook #allhazards #incidentmanagement

BTS Episode 17: TECC by Texas Troopers (Training/Education)
I saw a YouTube video of one Texas Trooper taking out a bad guy. He was unfortunately hit, but then his colleague provided buddy aid with a tourniquet quickly and efficiently. This is a great example of putting into action the tenants of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) In this episode I narrate the sequence of events that take place in the video.
#tourniquet #StopTheBleed #TCCC #TECC
BTS Episode 16: Personnel Accountability and the Resource Unit (ICS/IMT)
Listen to this episode to get the “Between the Slides 5” about how best to provide accountability as a Resource Unit Leader (RESL) and how critical it is for IMTs to account for their people.
#RESL #accountability #T-cards #PARchecks #allhazards #incidentmanagement
BTS Episode 15: Foundational Four for BJJ White Belts (Foundational Four)
This is the first in a series of me sharing what objectives, organization, resources and communications I try and employ as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) white belt. Keep your head up, arms in and tap often.
#BJJ #BJJWhiteBelt #DadBJJ #objectives #organization #resources #communication
BTS Episode 14: Foundational Four for Creating a Superhero Group (Foundational Four)
This is the first in a series of me sharing what objectives, organization, resources and communications I would use if I could create my very own superhero group.
#Marvel #DC #superheroes #objectives #organization #resources #communication
BTS Episode 13: PSC and the PMP Two Sides of the Same Coin (General)
In this episode I share the parallels between the All-Hazards Planning Section Chiefs (PSC) with Project Management Professionals (PMP). There are may skills that translate whether looking for a missing person, standing up a software development team or planning a large sporting event.
#allhazards #IMT #PSC #PMP
BTS Episode 12: 2018 Show Summary (General)
Listen to this episode to get the “Between the Slides 5” and show summaries from the previous 11 episodes.
#people #process #progress #betweentheslides

BTS Episode 11: Tips to Succeed on the PMP Exam (Project Management)
In November 2018 I was successful in obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential. I did this without reading the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) cover-to-cover. Listen to this episode as I share the tools and techniques that worked for me to achieve my PMP.
#projectmanagement #PMI #PMP #PMBOK #PMPExamSimulator #Udemy

BTS Episode 10: Leadership Lessons from Gettysburg (Leadership)
In this episode I share leadership profiles from key leaders that participated in the Battle of Gettysburg from July 1–3, 1863. I learned these lessons as part of a “staff ride” conducted by Omna International when I was part of the Central Virginia All-Hazards Incident Management Team (CVAHIMT).
#Gettysburg #OmnaInternational #CVAHIMT #leadership #contingencyplanning #leadersintent
BTS Episode 9: Veteran’s Day 2018 Message (General)
A short message where I reflect on my time as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman and how my fellow veterans and I will always remember those we could not save and live on in their memory.
#Navy #Corpsman #Veteran #VeteransDay2018
BTS Episode 8: Combined Active Threat/Shooter Training and Response (Training/Education)
In this episode I share key program elements colleagues and I used to help train over 1,000 first responders on combined active threat/shooter response. The key elements include partnering with 911 Communicators, Police, Fire and EMS all responding in coordination and using the Rescue Task Force (RTF) model.
#StopTheBleed #ActiveShooter #ActiveThreat #RescueTaskForce #911Dispatchers #Police #Fire #EmergencyMedicalSystems #Paramedics #HartfordConsensus #AllHazards
BTS Episode 7: Law Enforcement’s Resistance to the ICS w/Mike Snawder (Interview)
In this episode Captain Mike Snawder and I discuss his evolution from U.S. Marine to Precinct Commander and credentialed Planning Section Chief. Mike provides his over 24 years of law enforcement experience to give us his perspective on why Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) have been more hesitant to implement the ICS principals.
#LEO #Police #LawEnforcement #ICS #allhazards #PublicSafety
BTS Episode 6: Shake and Bake with the O-305 All Hazards Training Course (ICS/IMT)
This episode provides the “Between the Slides 5” for future or previous attendees of the O-305 course that is the boot camp of incident management. Focus is on being a good student and teammate and on working the scenarios, not fighting them.
#O-305 #allhazards #Type3 #AHIMT #AHIMTA
BTS Episode 5: Expanding Your Bubble with ICS 300 (ICS/IMT)
This episode provides the “Between the Slides 5” tips for using ICS 300 concepts when incidents begin to expand. These tips prepare the student for the in-person, two day ICS 300 course.
#command #generalstaff #IMT #incidentmanagement #incidentactionplanning #IAP
BTS Episode 4: ICS Jiu Jitsu with ICS 200 (ICS/IMT)
This episode provides the “Between the Slides 5” for ICS 200. The concepts in the ICS 200 course focus on using ICS for initial response to an incident, but they also apply to planned events. This is where students begin to use the concepts learned in ICS 100.
#ICS #incidentcommand #ICSjiuJitsu #objectives #briefings #meetings #PlanningP
BTS Episode 3: Forming the Framework with ICS 100 (ICS/IMT)
This episode provides the “Between the Slides 5” for the management system portion of NIMS, the Incident Command System (ICS).
#ICS #incidentcommand #NIMS #organization #unifiedcommand
BTS Episode 2: Building the Base with ICS 700 (ICS/IMT)
This episode provides the “Between the Slides 5” key tips that I feel will help the prospective National Incident Management System (NIMS) 700 student and remind those that have already completed the course of key principals of NIMS.
#NIMS #incidentcommand #FEMA #USFA #HSPD5
BTS Episode 1: Introduction to Kevin Pannell and Between the Slides Podcast
This introduction provides background on Kevin Pannell, PMP and his inspiration to start the Between the Slides podcast.
#podcast #podcaster #betweentheslides #allhazards #incidentmanagement #projectmanagement #Navy #Corpsman #emergencymanagement


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