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Thank you for coming to the “Between the Slides” podcast website.  If you have never listened to the show, please start here BTS Ep1: Introduction to Between the Slides

Still interested? Thank you for coming back!  All previous episodes are categorized as a general topic, leadership, incident command and incident management, training and education, project management or examples of the foundational four (objectives, organization, resources and communication).

Latest Episode:





Training and Education:

Incident Command & Incident Management:

Project Management:

Foundational Four Examples:

I hope these episodes are helpful resources to you and your organizations and I appreciate any feedback or future topics you’d like to hear about or discuss on the “Between the Slides” podcast.


Kevin Pannell, PSC3, PMP

Instagram: @PSCtoPMP | Email: KP.BTS.Podcast@gmail.com | Facebook: PSCtoPMP





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